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  • Chris Salters

The 5 Professional Video Editors In Dallas-Fort Worth You Need To Know About

Are you a production studio, marketing agency, post-production house or a content creator looking for a professional video editor that has the talent and experience needed to plus your project?  Whether you need an extra hand to wrestle with a firehose of overflowing tasks or are looking for a long term post-production partner, having a good freelance video editor that you trust can truly lift a weight off your shoulders. 


Even in a world where remote editing is commonplace, finding a good video editor that can mould themselves to your team’s needs isn’t an easy job.  Typical freelancer sites are a race to the bottom, in terms of price vs quality, and scouring LinkedIn can be a real time suck.  Word of mouth recommendations really are the best place to start, and that’s why I pulled together this short list of professional freelance DFW video editors that are available to shepherd your video needs through the post-production pipeline.

To help you on your journey, every editor below has links to their portfolio as well as a brief background blurb including a few key metrics for you to keep in mind:

Experience: How long have they been in the industry and who have they worked with?
Versatility: Do they just edit or do they have other complementary skills that can help your project?
Flexibility: How NLE-proficient are they?  Can they use Premiere, Avid, DaVinci, and Final Cut Pro?

Freelance Video Editors in DFW

Jack Pyland


Jack is a freelance editor and documentary filmmaker that brings over a decade of experience editing branded advertising content and independent films.  Jack has a deep portfolio working with exciting brands like Red Bull and ad industry behemoths, like The Mill and BBDO.  Jack’s knack for telling a story is readily apparent when viewing his documentaries and that directly translates to his ability to cut crisp commercials that keep his clients coming back.  Jack has a laser focus on his editing niche and his preferred tool is Adobe Premiere Pro.


Greg Sunmark


Greg is an industry veteran whose experience is shown through quality selects found in his portfolio.  A strong funny bone helps his comedic edits especially shine, like this gem for Snickers.  Greg brings a number of other skills to the table, including sound mixing, color correction, compositing, small scale production, and voice acting.  That’s right, Greg is fully set up with a booth and SourceConnect for voiceover work.  He’s also NLE agnostic, comfortably cutting in Avid, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and After Effects.


Chris Salters

Chris Salters is a commercial and brand film video editor that occasionally dabbles in documentary work.  Chris has been a freelance staple in the Dallas-Fort Worth post-production scene since 2016, but learned his foundational editing skills and post workflows while editing featurettes for Trailer Park in Hollywood for 5 years.  That education eventually parlayed into cutting content for brands like Haggar Clothing and others.  Chris lives to edit, but provides a soup-to-nuts post-production pipeline that also includes motion graphics, compositing, and color correction.  He’s NLE-fluent with Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, and Avid.


Nick Utter

Nick Utter may be as talented an editor - and creative - as they come.  Nick, a Fort Worth native, primarily works behind the camera as a DP and Cinematographer these days, shooting commercials for a host of brands and sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks.  While his camera work is beautiful, when Nick turns from production to post, he continues to impress.  He’s essentially been freelance his entire career and that’s apparent in the range of other skills he’s mastered, including shooting, motion graphics, and color correction. Nick pulls his weight in Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and After Effects.


Dallas Fluegel

Dallas is a freelance editor …in Dallas.  That is neat.  His editing background was built cutting reality TV content for HGTV and since 2019 he's been freelancing for clients all across DFW as well as editing programming for specialty YouTube channels.  Dallas is as friendly as they come and rounds out his editing abilities with a core understanding of motion graphics and is comfortable working in Avid, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.


Remote Editors, Sourced Locally

As you can see, all of these creatives have been battle-hardened by the commercial and entertainment industries, with track records and reels to prove it.  When you need an editor that offers more collaboration and care than what Fiverr can provide, these video editors are a great place to start, and if you’re local to Dallas-Fort Worth, they’re conveniently cutting content in your backyard.


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