video editing // motion graphics


I Freelance

As a post-production solution.  I live to edit video and love motion graphics, compositing, coloring, and bringing videos across the finish line.  I also guest write for these guys: + School of Motion.  If it's video, I'm all about it.

My Specialties

  • Video Editing

  • Motion Graphics

  • Compositing

  • Color Correction

  • Digital Displays & Video Boards

  • Post-Producing

I Am

Chris Salters - Hi!  I drink way too much coffee and love a good beer.  When not tearing through edits and tweaking key frames, I pretend to be good at mountain biking and casual carpentry.  I'm a dad to two cute little girls, a husband to a very understanding wife, and wrangler of a giant snow-white Great Pyrenees pooch.

Having worked on multi-million dollar theatrical movie campaigns like Jurassic World, and after building a Power 5 industry-leading collegiate video department from the ground up, I know a thing or two about video.


My Focus

Is to deliver quality content that helps my clients tell captivating stories while generating successful leads. I'm now a full time freelance video editor and motion graphics designer cranking out content in glorious Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.

I also enjoy teaching others how to edit through my Better Editor Blog and YouTube Channel.

Need video?  I can help.

Freelance Video Editor Dallas // Freelance Video Editor Fort Worth // Freelance Video Editor Texas

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