About Salt

Hey!  I'm Chris Salters:  post-production nerd and editor of impactful video.

Thought-provoking stories and brands with character that pack a punch are what I'm all about.  Whether that's a hard-hitting promo or an interwoven documentary.  I thrive on piecing the puzzle together.

My post foundation was built grinding through the ranks of the high-pressure, fast-paced world of Hollywood's leading trailer house, Trailer Park.  There I learned how to turn round after round of revisions over quickly, manage the expectations of producers, directors, and clients, all while guiding a project's unified vision and endless deliverable list through to final delivery.  I'm fast, workflow savvy, detail-driven, and adaptable to every individual project's unique needs, including compositing, motion graphics, and color correction.

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can usually find me tearing through edits and tweaking keyframes in my personal edit suite.  I can also collaborate in your facility or work from my mobile setup that's always ready to roll on location.  My internet is ludicrously fast and these are my favorite story-telling tools:

Premiere Pro   |   DaVinci Resolve   |   Avid   |   After Effects

Outside of the editor's chair, I'm a dad to two cute little girls, a husband to a very understanding wife, and the head wrangler to a giant fluffy white dog.      I pretend to be good at casual carpentry, enjoy cycling (road or mountain), drink way too much coffee, and love a good beer.

So... do you need a video editor?

freelance video editor  |  film editor  |  commercial editor  |  documentary editor  |  editer  |  Dallas, TX  |  Fort Worth, TX  |  United States

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