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About Salt

Hey!  I'm Chris Salters:  video editor and versatile post-production nerd.

I craft impactful stories that bring brands to life.  From cheeky commercials and hard-hitting promos to intelligent brand films and interwoven documentaries, I'm here to make them shine.

With a solid foundation forged inside Hollywood's leading trailer house, Trailer Park, my skills were honed delivering outstanding results under tight deadlines.  So managing the expectations of creative stakeholders comes naturally, all while guiding each project's unified vision to final delivery.  I'm fast, detail-driven, and adaptable to every project's unique needs, including motion graphics, compositing, and color correction.

Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, I collaborate closely with directors through remote sessions and am available for your on-site edits.  My internet is ludicrously fast and these are my favorite story-telling tools:

Premiere Pro   |   DaVinci Resolve   |   Avid   |   After Effects

I'm a proud dad to two cute girls, a husband to an understanding wife, and the head wrangler of a giant fluffy white dog.  Hobbies include carpentry, cycling, swimming, and occasionally teaching on YouTube.  Most importantly, I'm fueled by coffee and rewarded with beer.

So... do you need a video editor?

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